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Quintessential Texas, and then some

Our Houston BBQ, seafood and Cajun bar and grill menu celebrates our family’s culinary journey to and through Texas. Not only the region’s great bounty of southern food, but also its certain way of doing things. With intention. Integrity. And plenty left over for the rest of the neighborhood.

Being Texas, of course, you’d expect plenty of barbecue in our book, and you’d be right. Live-fire wood cooking is our signature and our specialty, and we offer a little Texas transparency with our glass kitchen walls so you can watch us go the whole hog. For instance, view spit-roasted game—prime rib, hind quarters, pig, chicken, cabrito, you name it—roasted and rotisseried to tender perfection. All while you sip a cold one.

Beyond its roots in ranch cooking, our Houston BBQ, seafood and Cajun grill menu also includes influences of Tex-Mex and Southern charm, with the occasional trip to the farm and dip into the Gulf.

Think cracklings and crumbling cornbread. Heaping shrimp po’boys and smoky tamales. Creamed corn. Fresh collards. Wood-fired okra.

We focus on shared plates of southern food and creative fusions of Houston BBQ, seafood and Cajun that delight foodies and farm boys alike, and we change it up seasonally to utilize the region’s freshest ingredients. Whether you’re sampling a gourmet delicacy alongside a longneck or partaking in a family-style feast, prepare to expect the best Texas has to offer. And then raise your standards.

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